THE SPPA // Bear Attack
"Binky The Bear?"
About this project

The SPPA is a pool-and-spa-professional alliance offering membership benefits including commercial insurance and networking. Now, we all know what insurance is, how it works, and why we need it. So rather than take the usual route of explaining coverage terms like deductibles and premiums, we decided to leave that for the fine print on the website, and instead, make a splash.

I pitched the pretty absurd idea and after some fine-tuning, the client was ready to do something to make the brand stick in people's minds. A proposed 'pilot' for a potential full campaign, we went with a dopey pool cleaner getting attacked by his high school mascot, Binky The Bear. This is not covered by SPPA... although pretty much everything else is. Shot and returned with edit and color to the client in two days.

Project Details
Client: The SPPA
Date: July 2017
Tasks: Concept, Cinematography & Post-Production