Croon for the camera.
About this project

Dylan Matthew is kind of a freak. Mostly because he's so insanely talented and hasn't taken a lesson in his life. Don't you hate people like that? He sings like an angel (some have compared him to a cross between Fergie and Jesus; the songbird of our generation) and plays piano and guitar, as well as writes his own music.

I produced his debut EP, Over You, in a few weeks. We then shot this music video in about 20 hours from concept to final render, on a budget of approximately $0. Imagine what we could do with that video you've been saving up for? Let's talk and get you on MTV. Or whatever. Shot on the Sony FS700 with Rokinon Cine DS Prime lenses.

Project Details
Date: January 2016
Tasks: Concept, Cinematography, Editing, Color