Video Vinyasa.
About this project

In 2013, Hot Yoga Healthy You contacted Firehouse Creative, (in both of our infancy stages), needing a logo... which turned into business cards, then a website, then a ton of printed collateral, all leading to a squashed plan of open doors several months later, and what appeared to be a scrapped vision.

But yogi/studio owner Kathie Sonner didn't take "no" for an answer, and in July of 2015, Hot Yoga Healthy You opened their doors in Temecula and has been blossoming steadily ever since. As our longest-standing clients, I tend to sprinkle a little extra creative dust their way, which is what lead to this video. Celebrating their one-year anniversary together seemed like a great way to show off what they do, and what I do... Except headstands. I don't do headstands.

Project Details
Date: January 2016
Tasks: Cinematography, Editing, Color