Insuring Change.
About this project

Monarch Insurance reached out in the early stages... you may even say.. as a caterpillar. I worked with Stacey Painter starting all the way back at the naming stage, when she came to me with the idea of using symbolism of change and growth, so she had "Monarch" and we went from there. Visually, it was imperative to convey friendliness, accessibility, and positivity.

We wanted to give a simplified visual cue to the monarch butterfly while still maintaining the modernity of abstraction, so the key orange was used to make this connection, but streamlining away any extraneous details. The wings resting on the “m” also provide a shoe-in for a reduced-form emblem. Our color palette was chosen to evoke a balance of kindness and modernism, which is complimented by the all-lowercase typeface.

Project Details
Client: Monarch
Date: September 2016
Tasks: Concept, Design