Investing in a future on two wheels.
About this project

In the motocross world, Jon-Erik Burleson is kind of a big deal. The son of seven-time AMA Enduro Champion Dick Burleson and lifelong rider himself has called KTM Motorcycles home for the last 20 years, with the last several spent as President of KTM North America. In January 2017, he made the bold move to step down and venture onto some roads less traveled, starting a new company that would focus on financial/legacy advisory and philanthropy. Two Wheel Group is that company. Jon-Erik ("Jeb" to those who have him on speed dial) is passionate about

giving back and leading from a place of experience and trust, a message I needed to carry over into the branding of the business. Without being corny or heavy-handed with so many obvious bike and motorcycle visual cues available, I went a more minimalist route, using two cirlces that can be interpreted as either wheels or locked rings, which work as a symbol of unity and teamwork...

Oh, and no more orange.

Project Details
Client: Two Wheel Group (Site coming soon)
Date: June 2017
Tasks: Concept, Design