PERCEPTYX, INC. // Why We're Here
Surveying the surveyors.
About this project

Perceptyx is an employee survey company that services Fortune 500 clients all over the world, from tech giants to hospitality conglomerates to medical companies. They use a highly-advanced and customizable survey platform to analyze big data from thousands of employees at a time, and partner with HR leadership within those companies in a consultative role to help them understand how to bring the most out of their internal talent.

Perceptyx reached out to Firehouse Creative to create a video for the relaunch of their survey platform: a massive UI/UX overhaul proportionately similar to what Apple did with the release of iOS 7. We used people from within the company and had the final edit turned around in less than a week from the first day of shooting, to be unvelied at their first annual Perceptyx Innovation Conference in San Diego for their clients. Shot on the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k with a Zeiss CP.2 SuperSpeed 50mm lens. Watch in 4k!

Project Details
Date: March 2017
Tasks: Cinematography, Editing, Color