2017 // Pricing Guide

Project Pricing

All prices are starting points, negotiable, and subject to change without notice, but never during a project.

All bundled invoices of two or more items will receive a 10% discount from the total. All flat-rate projects are paid in pre-determined milestone payments.


Branding Consultation + Execution


Establish the brand identity of your business. Perfect for businesses seeking to start fresh or give their brand a face lift. Final deliverables include full-length brand guidelines, master logo vectors in PDF/SVG/EPS and raster JPG/PNG, each in various palettes and lockups.

Small Business Web Design (Landing/One-Pager)


Single-page web design best suited for bands and brands needing a simple and streamlined online presence to act as a central hub of information.

Small Business Web Design (Multi-Page)


Multi-page web design best suited for bands and brands needing a more complex and fleshed-out online presence, with separate pages for greater detail and depth of features than a landing page.

Large-Scale Web Design

Contact for pricing.

Ideal for consultation, development, and deployment of large software-as-a-servce (SaaS) projects, cloud-based dashboards or user-defined UI/UX rollouts involving a larger-than-normal creative and development team. Contact for more info.

Hourly Design


For anything else from print layout to web maintenance to social profile graphics. One hour minimum will be billed.


Direction Day Rate


For fully-produced Firehouse product. Price does not include any equipment rentals, (potential) stock footage or music licensing fees, hired talent, or other subcontracted services.

DoP-For-Hire Day Rate


Personal equipment available at additional fee.

Operator-For-Hire Day Rate


Personal equipment available at additional fee.

Postproduction Hourly Rate


This includes editing, color, and/or sound mixing.


Score for Short Video

$200/:30 sec

Projects totaling 10 minutes or less.

Score for Feature


Up to 2-hour final composition length.

Song or Album Production


Single track for solo artist or group. Recorded, produced, mixed, mastered.
EPs and LPs available, with a 10% discount for 4-8 songs booked together, and a 15% discount for 8+ songs booked together.