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Rods and cones. Everything we see goes through rods and cones. Color, smiles, the night sky, your favorite movie, a family photo, business cards, websites, logos. Your band or brand is made or broken in under 5 seconds based on visual judgements. Are you making the cut? If not, I can make sure you do.


Life isn't static and neither is your brand. Studies have shown that sight-and-sound information is exponentially more powerful than one or the other individually. Add into that the power to draw on human emotion, and your next commercial or music video is sure to propel you forward in your market.


Be music to their ears. Need film scoring, commercial cues, or top-to-bottom production on your new single that will land you the Big Deal? I'm an audiophile through and through, and musician before anything else. Grab your guitar, warm up your voice, and let's make music for tomorrow's airwaves.

The "about me" is really about you.

There are better graphic designers out there.
There are better cinematographers and better web designers.
There are better musicians and definitely better animators.
But finding someone more eager to absorb and obsess over your vision, as if it was their own?

That search won't be so easy.

My job is not about the latest software updates, HTML5, keyframes, reverb, or f-stops.
It's the human heart. It's psychology and emotion.
It's planting a seed, compelling people to feel, or see, or think of things in a way they haven't before.

It's form and function working in harmony;
coming together to form a perfectly sufficient solution to a need. Your need.

It's about relationships.
Between the client and I, between myself and my work, and the client and their audience.
As soon as I lose sight of that, I've failed.

Because it's about you.

Welcome to Firehouse Creative.